Access to this website has been restricted!

The web page you are trying to access is a local site and not available in your area or section of the internet.

We try to be open with no restrictions to most regular ISP's (Internet Service Providers), but we also reserve the right to restrict access to our sites as a management tool for traffic, server, and security management. Some restrictions are based on our Terms of Service, while others may be general site management decisions based on historical access patterns, and of course, the server logs of our own organization that go back decades...

We regularly restrict access to our services from service providers, organizations, IP addresses, server farms, and countries that have exhibited clear patterns and history of internet abuse, or that violate our Terms of Service. Restrictions are permanent by default, and apply to IP addresses (temporary/permanent addresses on the internet) of the organization violating our Terms, and may include IP's of parent organizations, subsidiaries, or other associated organizations.

Sorry, but if you are banned from the "Document Root" (for example, home for the website "http://www.example.com" leads you to the document root for the domain name "example.com"), then you are banned everywhere on the site, including bans on files, directories, subdomains, cgi/php/other resources, etc., and other domains and sites we manage. If you want to access our site, you will need to use a different service provider.

We occasionally block small delegations (e.g., /32 up to /22 etc. in IP-4) as a practical matter. As a local site, we are trying to focus our resources on building a site with information that is useful *primarily* for our local community. There are over 4 Billion IP addresses in the "IP-4" version of the internet, and over (math stuff) 10**38 IPs in the "IP-6" version (including IPs of the new smart refrigerators/whatever), so it is not practical to manage single IPs owned by large service providers (that is the job of the service provider).

We also block IPs from service providers that ignore complaints about abuse from their customers, or that have a history of failure to respond to the email on record with the domain registry. For example, the comment below is from a record in the ARIN registry ARIN.net with a note in the registry file about the organization's failure to communicate (common on the net):

"ARIN has attempted to validate the data for this POC, but has received no response from the POC since 2010-07-15"

(actual example from an ARIN delegation running a /16 that has failed to communicate with ARIN as required for over 10 years!).

Thanks for visiting, and God bless you!